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Breastfeeding Should Not Be Painful

The Myths About Painful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Difficulty and Family Support

How to Examine a Baby for Tongue Tie or Lip Tie

Diagnosing Tongue Tie in a Baby is Not a Fad

Not All Breastfeeding Problems are Caused by Tongue Tie

Weight Gain is Not the Only Marker of Successful Breastfeeding

A Breastfeeding Mom's Symptoms Are as Important as the Baby's

How Tongue Tie Affects Breastfeeding Mechanics

How Does an Upper Lip Tie Affect Breastfeeding

Tongue Tie Procedures Don't Need General Anesthesia

It Takes a Team to Improve Breastfeeding After a Tongue Tie Procedure

Rethinking Tongue Tie Anatomy: Anterior vs Posterior is Irrelevant

How to Choose Your Provider: Does Laser vs Scissors Matter?

The Evidence Supports Treating Tongue Tie for Breastfeeding Problems

The Difference Between a Lip Tie and Normal Labial Frenulum

Breastfeeding Problems Can Affect the Emotional Health of Mom and Baby

Tongue Tie vs Lip Tie: Which is More to Blame?

The Importance of Active Wound Management Following Frenotomy

The Misunderstanding of Posterior Tongue Tie Anatomy and Release Technique


FAQ - Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

Before, During and After Your Procedure - Patient Care Information

Russian Translation of Aftercare Instructions

Spanish Translation of Aftercare Instructions

Convenient PDF download that puts together the components of diagnosis, aftercare and getting more information about ties (by Melanie Henstrom IBCLC)


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