Effective May 22, 2016, I will no longer be taking emails for the purposes of assisting in diagnoses, finding providers who can help you with treatment options, or for other opinions. Unfortunately, the volume of incoming emails has become more than what one person can handle.

Please use the following resources instead:

To find someone near you who may be able to treat your child, visit www.tt-lt-support-network.com/providers.html

To get general advice and suggestions, visit the online tongue tie Facebook Tongue Tie Babies Support Group but also search for state-specific tongue tie groups on Facebook as well. For Oregon patients, try the Oregon tongue tie group.

This form will remain up for professionals to contact me. This form is not to be used to ask me to schedule appointments or to ask me for my availability. These questions should be directed at my staff at 503.488.2600 or 503.488.2626. Please send emails to drghaheri at gmail dot com.

If you are emailing me pictures for candidacy, I need them to be sent in a specific format. Please see this post to learn how to best take those pictures

If you are a patient of mine, please use the Patient Portal through The Oregon Clinic’s EMR system - call the office if you need help setting that up. If you are sending pictures, please remind me of who you are (ie, when you were treated, baby's name, etc).